Our Freeride model is perfect for all kids, tweens and teens (ages 6+ up to 215lbs). Similar to skateboarding but with all the comfort and safety of a high end bike. Super easy to ride, even if you cannot ride a bicycle.


The sleek City model is right at home cruising around 30A, where you can fill the metal basket with all your shopping goodies and beach stuff. With a comfy upright standing position and head turning looks, hit the ‘A’ in style.


This super cool Kickbike sports a larger frame and wheels to support dudes of all sizes. The on-offroad hybrid tires allow you to explore all of 30A with killer looks and a relaxed riding position.


The Kickbike FatMax is the world’s biggest, baddest scooter. Go anywhere, we mean anywhere, with confidence and swagger. If all the attention you are getting on 30A is too much, head for any one of our amazing off-road forest trails.

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