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What is a kickbike
Kickbikes are the biggest, baddest, fastest and safest adult (and kid) push scooters in the world. Think of it like combining skateboarding with a top of the line bike. Yea, it’s as awesome as it sounds! Kickbikes are made with a super light and super strong, aircraft-grade aluminum alloy frame. The rest of the parts are high quality bicycle components like you are used to using. Kickbikes have front and rear hand brakes, hybrid on-off road tires, a natural upright standing position and killer looks!
Is it hard to ride
For most people Kickbikes are super easy to ride. Unlike a bicycle that takes a long time to learn to ride, Kickbikes are very intuitive and natural and there really isn’t anything to learn. Switching feet takes a few tries to master, but besides that, if you can walk and ride a bike, you can Kickbike. Now having said that, like any two wheeled product, there is a certain amount of balance and coordination required. We suggest you visit one of our partner shops on 30A to test ride one. We think you’ll like it!
Who is it for
We have several vastly different models, so there is a Kickbike for every body and every adventure. The Freeride model is perfect for kids, teens and smaller adults. We recommend kids being at least 8 years old (their hands need to be big enough to pull the hand brakes). Teens and adults will be right at home on pretty much any model, as Kickbikes are built ‘one size fits most’. Kickbikes are a great alternative for people that cannot run or cycle due to bad joints, post surgery, rehabbing an injury, etc. Lots of people tell us that it is easier on their body to stand on a Kickbike as opposed to sitting on a bike. Their is no mounting and dismounting, you simply step on, and step off. Kickbiking is an aerobic activity, so we suggest you have good health and coordination.
Is it safe
Kickbikes are very safe. Here is why…unlike a bicycle that has you perched up high with a cross bar between your legs, on a Kickbike you are literally just a couple inches off the ground. You can step off at any time, and you have one foot on the ground much of the time. All Kickbikes come with front and rear hand brakes, just like you would find on a high end bicycle, so you can regulate your speed easily and stop on a dime.
Can you switch feet
Yes. Switching feet is a very important part of the Kickbiking experience. Unlike a skateboard (‘skating switch’) where switching feet is very hard to do, on a Kickbike it is a piece of cake. The most popular method is the pivot – see video below. You will want to switch feet every 5-10 kicks, to give your leg a rest. After you switch feet a few times, you will not even think about it when you do it, it becomes totally natural. You will also have fun playing around with different kick motions and figuring out how to really pick up speed, carve through crowds, and do tricks (if you are feeling wild!)
How far can i go
Well, this is totally up to you, the terrain and your conditioning. On average you will Kickbike 3X as far as you can run, and about half as far as you can bike. For the beginner, you will want to start by just Kickbiking around town. It is a blast riding through Seaside, Grayton Beach and Rosemary Beach, where you definitely have the advantage over the throngs of bikes. If you are ready for a good sweat, try to go from town to town. When you reach expert level, try to Kickbike from one end of 30A to the other (have an Uber ready to take you back, because you will be spent!)
Is it a good workout
Simple answer, YES! But don’t let that scare you. 30A is all about getting outside and exploring this beautiful place. Whether you are riding a bike, a paddleboard or hiking our forests, you should be ready to get a little sweaty. Kickbike provides a very low impact cardio exercise that is far easier on your body than running, more accessible than paddle boarding and a lot more fun than riding a bike. The kick motion will leave your body stretched and loose, not stiff and sore. So lets burn some calories and make some memories!
Is Kickbiking fun
Dude!!! Did you seriously just ask us that?! Oh, wait, we are the ones asking the questions…anyways, YES, KICKBIKING IS A TON OF FUN! It really is. Kickbike America uses the tagline ‘Feel Like A Kid, Train Like A Pro’ because, although it is a super high performance scooter, the fastest scooter ever made in the history of the world, it is used by NFL athletes, Olympians, Ironman finishers, etc…it is still simply fun to ride. You will instantly feel like a kid riding your old scooter. And if you are a kid, you will feel like we read your diary and created the scooter of your dreams. You get the freedom of skateboarding with the luxury of high end bicycle features. You get slick head turning looks. You get to do something that you have never done before. You get to carve through crowds like a surfer catching a tube ride. In other words, yes, Kickbiking is a lot of fun :)




Perfect for kids, teens and small adults, the Freeride is a timeless 20″ BMX bike crossed with a skateboard and a dash of magic.


Our most popular model, this slightly larger Kickbike is super easy to ride, so much fun and can take you anywhere on 30A.


Wildly popular with our 30A beach girls, this is the perfect way to leisurely cruise 30A while pretending to ignore all the oohs and ahhs.


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